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Latest Government COVID-19 Financial Aid Updates

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HAAC would like to thank Rustum Southwell for providing the important information below. Provincial State of Emergency Extended Government has extended the State of Emergency for another two weeks. The…

HAAC and BCC Community Updates

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The Health Association of African Canadians (HAAC), Nova Scotia Health Professionals and the Black Cultural Centre held our 2nd interactive update with respect to COVID-19 and people of African descent…

COVID-19 Related Government and Social Supports

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HAAC is pleased to provide you with the information below regarding some of the current financial support programs being offered by both the Provincial and Federal Governments. ATLANTIC COMPASSION FUND…

Scholarship Opportunities

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2019 Scholarship Opportunities   This is a reminder of some of the upcoming scholarship opportunities for high school students. For additional information, please refer to the appropriate webpage by clicking the…

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Dr. David Williams – How Can Providers Reduce Unconscious Bias

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What is Implicit Bias

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Dr. David Williams – Is Racism Bad for Your Health

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Dr. Joy DeGruy – What is Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome and the Effects

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The Health Association of African Canadians (HAAC) was formed in 2000 to address African Canadian health issues and the system inequities affecting health…

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HAAC has been able to develop connections in almost every Black community in Nova Scotia. This connection expands beyond the traditional, generational Black communities to include immigrant communities…

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The membership of HAAC is composed of laypeople, policy analysts, research and clinical practitioners. It is the team approach that lends HAAC a great deal of its strength…

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