Project: Seniors Aging Workgroup, Sydney

Project Description

Heath Association of African Canadians (HAAC) as an organization has a mission to promote and improve the health of African Canadians in Nova Scotia through community engagement, education, policy recommendations, partnerships, and research participation.

In Sydney our Cape Breton HAAC branch has and continues to enjoy our relationship with St. Philips’ African Orthodox Church.

In particular in our satellite office located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, we have focused on providing programs, services and activities for our seniors.  We have successfully put on various clinics for seniors, healthy nutrition/cooking classes, mentor evenings and so on.  Because it is such an important goal to educate and provide social/health activity for our seniors we see a need to continue such programs and activities through the Senior Ageing Project.

Phyllis Marsh-Jarvis is the facilitator of this program. She will continue to seek funding and promote the well being of the Whitney Pier and surrounding Senior community.

The Seniors Aging Project funded by the  Positive Ageing Fund; Positive Ageing Nova Scotia.

What does HAAC intend to do?

For this proposed project we facilitate weekly sessions for our seniors.

Some of the seniors have requested the following:

  • Mentoring the youth and vice versa, the seniors share life lessons and experiences with our youth and in return the youth l help to support the seniors. (we have had a session with youth and seniors…it was powerful and fun… barriers were torn down between the seniors and youth and there was major connections. We hope to engage another session between the two groups in the fall.
  • The youth or by other means will help the seniors with technology and social media on computers.
  • Seniors are currently attending computer classes at the local library…reporting back they are truly enjoying the experience.
  • Seniors and youth interacted by participating in cultural and spiritual activities. There was a special Blessing of Seniors Church service and some young women in the community & seniors…had a session at the hall it was a great experience, Sarah Hayward represented the seniors.
  • The program will encourage seniors to be empowered to do more on their own and not be afraid of technological advances. If they are taught more they will be able to do more.
  • In addition to the weekly sessions we will provide guest speakers and panels dealing with topics, such as;
    • Senior safety and warning signs of abuse
    • protection and safety contacts
    • Senior financial care and planning for their future, will preparation & business pertaining
    • Foot care and Gout
    • Dental care
    • Seniors and healthy sex
    • Tax and benefits
    • Nutrition and menu planning
    • Exercise and walking club
    • Provide social activity

We are currently at the full capacity for participation. The educational sessions are open to all senior community members.  We will post notices of topics, dates, and times when sessions are to be held.