Research & Policy

The membership of HAAC is composed of laypeople, policy analysts, research and clinical practitioners.  It is the team approach that lends HAAC a great deal of its strength.  These teams are composed of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, dietitians, mental health and other health professionals.  This holistic team allows a much more integrated approach to be used when examining issues in the Black community.

The composition of the board/membership allows the organization to speak from a professional perspective on topics of importance to the Black Community.  In addition because of the composition of the membership the organization has a real connection with most black communities in the province, both traditional and immigrant.

The nature of the membership allows an appreciation of the complete lack of data surrounding the health of African Canadians let alone African Nova Scotians.

The concept of a Center of Excellence in African Canadian Health could best be executed through partnerships with this organization.  Connections with all of the various community groups, the composition of its membership, the level of fiscal responsibility and track record for product delivery provides an enviable jump-off point for the formation of such an organization.

Some initiatives we have been involved with:

Cancer: Cancer Care ANS Report April 2013 Final

Diabetes: Partnership with youth to raise awareness

Sexually Transmitted Infections:  Dialogue with the African Caribbean and Black Communities about Hepatitis – April 2013

Sickle Cell Screening announcement