Using the PATH Process to Explore African Nova Scotians’ Social Determinants of Health in Halifax’s North End

The report for the pilot study “North End Matters: Using the People Assessing their Health (PATH) Process to Explore the Social Determinants of Health in the African Nova Scotian Community in the North End” used the People Assessing their Health (PATH) discussion group process to engage African Nova Scotian residents in the North End in a discussion on the social determinants of health.

One of the main outcomes of the PATH process is a Community-Driven Health Impact Assessment Tool, CHIAT, which is an advocacy tool that can be used to conduct a community health impact assessment of proposed programs and projects that will affect community members’ health and well-being. ​ Some findings:

 Community Empowerment, Mobilizing & Advocacy

  • Participants indicated that they were more motivated to take action on some of the health issues facing African Nova Scotians in the North End, including becoming more involved in committees or community groups to address issues affecting their community.
  • Participants expressed that the PATH process could be an important catalyst for developing leadership in the African Nova Scotian community in the North End.
  • The PATH process helped participants experience a shift in thinking that extended beyond the social determinants of health to a broader conceptualization of their role in creating “community” on three levels: as participants during the PATH discussion group; as African Nova Scotians in the North End; and as community advocates.

Participants’ Vision of a Healthy North End Community

  • Participants discussed various requirements for a healthy North End community:
  • Empathy and compassion by the dominant group on “our issues”.
  • Living in harmony in a way that is inclusive and respectful of racial, cultural, religious, sexual and gender differences.
  • Equal employment opportunities, including employment of people within the community.

Click on this link for access to the full report: Our community speaks: using PATH to explore African Nova Scotians’ Social Det of Health in the North End

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