Dr. Williams Video Available

Dr. Williams Video Available

April 7, 2014 Events News 0

Happy World Health Day,

We are pleased to announce that the video of the public lecture, held on February 10th at NSCC is posted and available at www.haac.ca/williams.  Presentation slides and media clips are also available on this page.

Thank you to everyone for making the events a great success!  Through all our events with Dr. Williams we were able to reach nearly 1000 people!!!  There has been such a positive response in the weeks following the visit and HAAC is looking forward to continuing the work with the help of this great community.

If you would like more information or to be involved in moving the agenda forward and become a member of HAAC please visit http://staging2.haac.ca/membership-form/.  Everyone is welcome to become a member!

Thank you all again!