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Food Secure Canada 2014 Conference in Halifax

WAVES OF CHANGE: SUSTAINABLE FOOD FOR ALL AN APPETITE FOR POLICY CHANGE Food Secure Canada’s eighth national assembly held November 13-16th in Halifax was not only the biggest ever, but according to many participants our best. The number of people and organizations, the quality of the discussion, and the excitement that accompanied the sharing of…
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November 28, 2014 0

The Role of Spirituality at End of Life in NS Black Community

  This study used qualitative in-depth interviews and focus groups to examine the role of spirituality at end of life (EOL) in Nova Scotia’s Black community. We also examined data from another research project that examined health issues in the Black com- munity. The purpose of this research was to examine the issue of spirituality…
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September 10, 2014 0

Series: Social Determinants of Health

Starting soon, HAAC will be profiling the social determinants of health over the next year. The social determinants of health influence the health of populations.They include income and social status; social support networks; education; employment/working conditions; social environments; physical environments; personal health practices and coping skills; healthy child development; gender; and culture.Source:

January 21, 2014 0

Improving Cancer Care for African Nova Scotians

Learning that you or someone close to you has cancer is life-changing, and because culture and life experience defines who we are, it is not surprising that our needs within the formal health system will vary accordingly. Twelve years ago Cancer Care Nova Scotia (CCNS) believed there was a gap in how the cancer system…
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October 25, 2013 0

Man Talk “Straight from the Heart”

Over the last 15 years I have had a growing concern about the lack of services for male victims of sexual abuse. As a correctional mental health worker, as a child protection worker and in my private practice, I regularly saw boys and men who would report that they had been abused. They would share…
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March 2, 2013 0