Our Executive

  • Sharon Davis-Murdoch
  • Rhonda Atwell
  • Liston Bailey

Our Staff

  • Evan Williams
    Executive Director
  • Charisma Grace
    Director, Programs & Operation
  • Shelley Fashan
    Director, Community Engagement
  • Karla Williams
    Administrative Coordinator
  • Kate McKesey
    Administrative Assistant 

Our Partners

Our strength lies in our connection and partnership with other community organizations, government agencies, hospital based organizations, and most importantly the unflinching support of our members and professionals from many organizations.

These include:

Our Contact Information

Our main office is located in the Black Cultural Centre:

10 Cherry Brook Rd
Cherry Brook, NS
B2Z 1A8
Tel: 902-405-HAAC (4222)
Email: info@haac.ca